Class Survey Results

Class Survey Results

In reviewing the class survey results, I found some interesting, some not completely unexpected results. Our class seems to be overwhelmingly female and primarily studying early childhood/elementary education – is there a correlation between women as nurturers and working with young children? It would also seem as the class as a whole feels as though they have a strong technical background, and can manage fairly independent with technology. Because of the comfort level with technology, I would be curious to know the average age of the students in this class. I think that younger students may be more familiar due to the greater level of exposure to technology and technology integration into curriculum.

It would appear as though the class is slightly less confident about their content knowledge in all subject areas, with lower percentages in the strongly agree category, which is a bit distressing. Certainly, in this technological era, it is important – critical even – that students are effectively use different forms of technology as so much of our world is dependent on it. However, the fundamentals (reading, writing and arithmetic) are still essential to the educational process.

Our class also seems fairly well versed in assessing student knowledge, utilizing different teaching styles and techniques in different subject areas but again, the level of confidence does not seem as strong as our confidence in our technical abilities. As I continue through the results, we seem to be more confident in our ability to select technology, to consider ways to use technology but less confident in using technology to actually teach. This would seem to be directly related to the fact that many of the students in this class have not had sufficient opportunities to learn about integrating technology so we have not seen technology integration in theory or practice.

Given what our class survey results have seemingly revealed, I think that our class assignment will help to reverse the trend of uncertainty by affording us the opportunity to develop a lesson with guidance and to teach that lesson will help us to solidify the necessary skills to effectively integrate technology into our curricula.



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