Teacher Knowledge

In completing this project, I am finding that my competency in technology is lacking. I struggled a great deal to complete this assignment. I attribute this to two factors; the fact that I did not participate in a great deal of professional development related specifically to developing these skills and integrating technology and the fact that my school tends to view technology in isolation and there is little interest in integrating technology. There is no excuse on my end – I simply haven’t taken the time to improve my understanding in a field that is constantly changing. Well, I guess that changes today as I will, kicking and screaming, update my skills.

It is necessary to always ward off the feeling of total competency as a teacher. There is always more to learn. There is always new research, new theories, new ideas and new information that causes us to rethink our stance on something we are doing as teachers. Our learning, our growing is never truly done. “They will extensively employ a growing body of case literature, both to represent a far wider and more diverse range of teaching contexts than can possibly be experienced within any one teacher education program, and to provide teachers with a rich body of prototypes, precedents, and parables from which to reason.(Shulman 1986).”

 My visual interpretation is a 3 set Venn Diagram. I chose this visual because I felt that there was some overlap in what was missing and what I need to learn. Some of what is missing is because of what I need to learn. Overall, I felt as though I have the basic requisite knowledge to teach and run a Media Center. I know how to plan lessons, manage the classroom and I definitely have ideas about useful topics to cover. As I continue to read and study, I think that it is time for me to learn more about the technology tools that are now more commonplace and are effective instructional tools (I am starting to do that by taking this class!), and I really felt that I need to understand better about what my grade level colleagues are teaching in the classroom (I know generally what they cover in each grade and ways in which they might cover the material but not nearly enough specifics). Learning more about these two topics will help update my skills and abilities, thereby increasing my effectiveness as a Technology Teacher.copy-of-visual-teacher-knowledge


2 thoughts on “Teacher Knowledge

  1. Tanya, I feel your pain but know that in this program we both will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology implementation in the classroom. I still struggle with the basics of technology however, I spend a lot of time investigating on my own new technologies. Will I ever feel comfortable knowing what I need to know versus what society state I should know I am not sure, but will continue to gain valuable knowledge while I am here.


  2. Hi Rosalind,
    I am excited because I know that I am learning so much about taking my tech knowledge up a few notches but I think I am a bit nervous because I am starting to feel my ‘age’ here. I find myself having to text my oldest child to help navigate the technology a bit. For students like my oldest daughter (who is 23), they’ve grown up with access. They’ve never really been without it. I didn’t start using computers until 10th or 11th grade, I didn’t have a cell phone until my 20s so I feel a little slow on the uptake. We’ll catch up though!


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