Web 2.0 Tools – Chapter 3

Honestly, while I think it is important for us to understand the technical components to how the Internet works, I do find it somewhat less than interesting. I’ve never been one to understand how things work – just that they work. Yes, I know – but it’s true! The details of Ajax only interested me in the collaboration aspect of it.

In reading this chapter, I thought about this class and the other class that I am taking. I have yet to meet anyone in person but the collaborations and the learning that has occurred for me in the past few weeks has been tremendous. My group mate and I have completed a great deal of work, and I’ve learned alot about a new person without ever laying eyes on her. I learned how to add narration to a Powerpoint with no traditional teacher. I created a blog in my pjs, and conversed with Dr. Andrews on my couch.

What does that mean for education? I’ve been encouraging the administration at my school to think more globally. The internet is connecting us in ways that I could have never imagined 10 years ago, and we can learn, share, collaborate and build together from anywhere in the world, using any number of tools such as blogs, Google Docs, podcasts etc.

Of course, the anonymity of the Internet creates dangers as well. We do not always know who we are interacting with, so we must continue to institute safeguards against deception and we need to teach our students about internet safety. With the explosion of technology, we must be mindful that there are new ways of deceiving. The internet, technology and all that comes with it can be incredibly positive as long as we are using it for positive results.


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Tools – Chapter 3

  1. Tanya,

    It is amazing that you are taking two classes and working a full-time teaching position! My hats off to you, I have been taking one course at a time and I have found it to be quite difficult.

    I think it’s important that you bring up the dangers that come with being so easily connected through the internet. I know that there are times that a student will type something simple into Google and it will come up with some crazy, sometimes inappropriate things. There is so much out there so it is sometimes tough to limit your search and keep it focused. It is a great tool and resource, but we need to keep in mind some of the downfalls with it as well.


    1. Hi!
      Well, we’ll see how things go at the end of the term. I guess my grades will tell the tale about how well I managed this đŸ™‚ I will tell you that I actually enjoy being in school far more than I do teaching. I love learning about learning and although, at times, I’m not very good at it, I enjoy it so that definitely makes it easier.
      The Internet is a wonderful, amazing, dangerous place. There is a wealth of opportunity, knowledge and collaborative efforts if one knows how to properly navigate. The difficulty for children is having the tools and the maturity to be able to appropriately use it. I guess that’s where we come in!


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