Social Bookmarking

Group 2’s presentation introduced the social bookmarking site to the class. We learned how to access the site, how to create an account and add a bookmark to share with classmates. The presentation was very simple and straightforward, and I was easily able to follow the steps to create my account and bookmark an article about Equity and Computers. Thanks Group 2!

While I think that it is always helpful to learn new tools, I don’t really see myself using this site much. I think it could be helpful to share information especially in a class such as this, but there are too many other ways to accomplish this to dedicate myself to managing another website username and password. While the process is easy, if I want to share bookmarks with classmates, there are other avenues that are as simple.

Perhaps, down the line, I will find some interesting use for it within my classroom. Either way, it certainly does not hurt to have access to the information. I’m truly learning something new all the time in this class.


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