Web 2.0 Tools – Chapter 4

“You will notice that there are not a lot of examples as of yet in which an entire school system has re-conceptualized itself to incorporate technology in order to promote an environment that supports, sustains and even requires a pedagogical approach that includes inquiry, creativity and full integration of technology (78).”

Fully integrated schools seem to be cost prohibitive. Our text only shared two examples of schools that are striving towards full integration. I think that the difficulty continues to be putting theory into practice. Clearly there are a great deal of tools available to fully integrate but it would difficult and expensive to ensure that all teachers have the requisite training to implement best practices in all subject areas. It would be just as difficult to ensure that schools have up to date technology (tablets, computers etc) and the necessary infrastructure to support the technology use and employees to manage the hardware and software. And it is important to remember that technology is ever-changing so it would be essential to plan for updates and upgrades in a few years.

Our text shared a great deal about integrating technology across the curriculum and the ideas were creative. A language lab using iPods, World 66, Google Earth (which I’ve used in my classroom) for geography, blogs in English and Literature class are all examples of how technology can be integrated into different subjects. I teach information literacy/technology skills; unfortunately I often teach in isolation. This may be because teachers do not have an understanding of how I can support what they are doing in their classrooms. It may be because our school places little emphasis on integrating technology. It may be because we do not have the resources/desire/ability to work collaboratively. Whatever the reason, while there are occasions when technology in isolation can be useful, I think it can be so much better when it is used to enhance subject matter learning.


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