Week 9 – Integration of Podcasts, Wikis and Google Surveys

In each of my assignments, I shared multiple ways in which Podcasts, Wikis and Surveys could be used in the classroom. There are so many ideas and so many ways in which to integrate these tools into the classroom; the ideas that I am sharing are simply the ones I feel would be most successful in my classroom.

Podcasts – Since I manage the library, I might use podcasts as a means of advertisements. Students could record podcasts to ‘advertise’ books that they have read. They can highlight pertinent details such as characters, settings and plot and discuss favorite parts of the book. Any teacher, myself included, could use podcasts to record lessons or critical components of lessons so that students can refer back to the information while at home as additional support.

Wikis – At my school, we celebrate Festival of Nations. Each grade level is assigned a specific country and they are charged with sharing information about their country. Each grade level could create their own wiki and collaborate to create a presentation about their country. Students could then use the Media Center to ‘travel the world’ visiting each Wiki and gathering information. Students could also use a wiki to create stories collaboratively or submit stories for others to proof and edit.

Surveys – Google surveys can be used as an assessment tool. I could use the survey to ascertain how much information students were able to obtain from the Country Wikis above. I could use Google Surveys to determine which lesson was confusing or required more information or clarification so that I could include the important details in a podcast lesson. I have not yet employed any of these tools but I plan to start phasing them in with my oldest students (5th grade) first. I think they will find these tools intriguing.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 – Integration of Podcasts, Wikis and Google Surveys

  1. Tanya,

    Great reflection! I just commented on another blog about how awesome it would be to have a current classroom where I could test drive all of the new technologies we have reviewed thus far; I feel the same way about your post to! Anyway, google survey offers us teachers many opportunities for use. We could use it as an assessment for our students and ourself. We could use google surveys to get a general understanding about students prior to class even starting, etc. I feel like the possibilities for google surveys are endless, in a good way!


  2. I love your ideas for how incorporate these tools into your teaching! My school does something similar to Festival of Nations. I could see how a wikispace would be a great way for students to work with one another and collaborate on their country and project. The students at my school work with Google docs and Google slides quite frequently, so I am hoping that they will be open to using something different with the wikis.

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