Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 10

I was particularly fascinated with our readings this week. Literacy instruction is such a critical component of education. So much of our work is reliant upon a student’s ability to read. When students struggle with reading, the struggle can persist for years and can impact all facets of their education.

Using Electronic Books in the Classroom reading indicates that there is some research supports the use of this modality; promoting reading engagement, help students gain independence, interest and comprehension among other skills. The ways in which e-storybooks provide support with letter/word recognition, word, definitions, animation, interactivity and other digital scaffolds bolsters the abilities of struggling readers. “Research indicates that there may be benefits for struggling readers…”

Selecting “App”ealing and “App”ropriate Book Apps details how well chosen book apps can also beneficial in the literacy development process. It is another tool that can engage reluctant readers and assist struggling readers in the quest to read. “This film-like style of digital picture book is more beneficial for the most at-risk beginning readers and second-language learners.”

All three of the readings, in different ways, support the idea that e-storybooks can be an important part of literacy instruction. As with all technology use in the classroom, the e-storybooks must be carefully chosen. High quality e-storybooks have good writing (developed characters, interesting storylines and excellent vocabulary, dynamic images that help make the written words come to life, expressive narration/audio and interactivity (read-alongs, games, word highlighting etc).

While we use Tumblebooks and Starfall, I think that the investment in iPads may help improve literacy instruction, and help our youngest students get a strong foundation in reading.


One thought on “Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 10

  1. Hi Tanya!
    It was great to read you reflection on this week’s assigned reading. I couldn’t agree more with the statements you made in your fourth paragraph about selecting high quality e-texts and literacy apps. I also agree that literacy and technology compliment each other and help foster a love for reading and learning within students. However, I wish there were more research-based apps to download. Having re-search based apps would provide us with the knowledge that we are using the most high quality apps out there.


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