Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 11

Math has never been my favorite subject – I did not enjoy it as a student and I do not enjoy it now. However, I truly enjoyed the video by Dr. Doug Clements who pointed out some of the challenges with our current school math curriculum. I enjoyed some of the examples of advertisements with problematic math included. “50% or half off, whichever is less” was one of my favorites! It was also interesting to learn about math indicators. “Most children acquire considerable knowledge of mathematics before kindergarten…..The knowledge that they gain prior to kindergarten relates to their mathematical achievement for years after. Math grades in high school can be predicted from what children achieve entering kindergarten.” This was powerful information for me, and it helps to bring a deeper understanding of how to help close the achievement gap…through high quality childcare and daycare programs.

I appreciated the information that I gathered from the Counting Sounds article. There is a strong connection between music and math, and certainly there are many ways to deepen that connection – especially through technology and math play. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. It is important to ensure that there is adequate supervision to ensure that children are using the technology in the ways intended.

“Classrooom Technologies” was another good article. There was an excellent quote that helped me to remember what we are doing. “The natural order of the classroom, it seems, is to prepare pupils for their futures by using methods from our pasts.” We need to utilize the proven tools that we have access to. It can be challenging, especially when the technology is constantly changing but we must be agents of change. As the expectations for students change, we must find new ways to engage them and capture their attention.


One thought on “Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 11

  1. It sure is amazing that high school math grades can be predicted based off a student’s kindergarten assessments. This is a powerful statement. All I could think about from there on out is how important it is for children to have access to such important technological resources. For example, iPad’s can potentially hold the key to a student’s future. How one uses his/her iPad as a child could help them prepare greatly for grade school, higher education, a career, and so on. It’s important for students to have equal access to technology resources.


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