Technology and Math Instruction

I am sure that everyone has math resources that they have discovered through their experience teaching or through their research in this class. Two of my favorites thus far are IXL and Brainpop. Brainpop is an excellent resource as an introduction for students to understand the concepts behind the math they study. The brief animated video keeps the students interest, explains the topic and helps to explain key vocabulary. IXL is excellent for individualized math practice. Students can choose the grade level they are (which provides for differentiation if they are above or below grade level) and the specific topic with which they may need additional practice, or they can work their way through all grade level topics. The site can be accessed anywhere with the student’s username and password (as can Brainpop) so students can use at home or anywhere they have a computer/device or connection. Math fluency can be achieved through practice so tools like IXL provide the opportunity for practice, practice, practice!


One thought on “Technology and Math Instruction

  1. I absolutely love Brainpop! I have talked about this website within my posts as well. It is a great, interactive site for students to gain some basic understandings about certain topics. They have such a wide range of videos for every subject too, which is fantastic. I use this quite frequently with my students.


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