Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 12

I find myself woefully unprepared to effectively engage in a discussion about science and technology. Somehow I managed to muddle through high school science and I can honestly say that I remember little to nothing about my high school or college science experience. Much like math, I think that maybe I simply blocked it out 🙂

Seriously, at the school I work at, science is really an afterthought, unless, of course, we are discussing the 4th grade when students must sit for the NYS science exam. In the ten years I’ve worked at the school, I do not recall any serious discussion about science or social studies for that matter. Sad to admit but quite true, even with the increasing push towards STEM/STEAM. However, at our charter school, the emphasis seems to be on testing – and we are measured by NYS tests which only test ELA and Math. So science and social studies do not get the same emphasis.

Our reading focused on science, technology and elementary students and I felt awkward. My students rarely express any interest in science, and I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that their exposure is so limited. In reading the Emergent Science article, even though I do not teach science, I realized that there are ways that I can encourage their natural curiosity. By showing them resources and materials, and recognizing my ability to introduce science related themes and topics, using the Media Center, I could help spark the interest.

Learning Physics was a bit highbrow for me but I do understand and appreciate how students can learn complex themes and ideas through play. As we have heard through many of our readings, students can benefit when the activity is high-quality, teacher-supported but student controlled.

I loved the BeeSim video and wish that I had the opportunity to utilize that technology. I can imagine that my youngest students would absolutely love this technology, and I could see BeeSim being the spark to help engage my students. Cute, fun but educational. I wish that I could bring this technology to my school.


One thought on “Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 12

  1. I am right there with you! Science was quite difficult for me throughout my middle school and high school years. I know feel as if I missed out on so much valuable information. They way science was taught at my school seemed to rely heavily on repetition and memorization.

    I too see that science and social studies take a back seat to ELA and math. It is difficult with the way our schedules are created to really give science and social studies the time it needs and deserves. There are so many expectations and requirements with math and ELA, it is putting these important subjects and concepts to the wayside.


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