Weekly Reading Reflection – Week 13

I happened to read Meaningful Technology Integration first, and I think it was a good article to begin this week’s readings with. It is important to remember that technology integration is so much more than using computers in class. “Technological tools can support a learner-centered and play-oriented early childhood curriculum and promote relationship building among children, families and the wider community.” Technology integration should extend beyond simply using computers to facilitate or enhance. We should use technology to portray and share thoughts, ideas, feelings, themes; to share information and to collaborate. Technology integration is the posting of digital pictures on a website, through email or on social media. It is the producing and sharing of audio and video activities created in class. Technology and its positive influences can be evident in many ways in and out of the classroom.

“The Importance of Still Teaching the iGeneration is the second article that I read, and what I really took away from that reading is the idea of transforming the tools that students like into tools of learning. So many students have access to mobile phones now; why not make them an instrument of engagement? “They are increasingly ubiquitous and introduce previously unimaginable possibilities into the classroom space, and youth perform a wide range of tasks with them outside of school. They are also distinct from many prior technologies in that they are typically brought into school spaces by students themselves. Because smart-phones are intimately tied to today’s youth popular culture and are “personal, portable and pedestrian,” they appear to offer a particularly productive opportunity for student buy-in.” In using smart phones, we must ward against their use in an inappropriate fashion in school. In some ways, we must use what appeals to students to gain and hold their attention.

The final article, “Digital Photo Books” ties nicely in to full technology integration. “The digital photo journal project provides a unique lens through which we might refigure our perspective on young children and technology. Rather than articulating how technology use can be a context for social negotiation, as we have argued in the past here we have created a curricular activity wherein technology becomes an explicit tool for developing and exploring understandings of self, others and the classroom environment.” Technology integration means use of technology in ways and places other than just the classroom.


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